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Digital Signage

Our digital signage solution is all about communicating a message, makes it simple to display any type of content on your screens. It helps brands to be creative with attractive content using animation, videos, images or simple text. Louver has a team of experts who are passionate on visual communicationsand we’re here to ensure your digital signs fit your culture, infrastructure and budget.It gives new opportunities that are more relevant and flexible to promote the business products.

Our leading digital signage solution is simple and easy to use. Digital signage players come pre-loaded with an embedded OS,used to show digital content on any digital display. All the digital display are powered by a media player, such as hotel lobbies, airport terminals, digital menus, digital directories, or stadiums.Louver signage player gives flexibility to schedule, manage, and display your content to any number of screens from any place and at any time. Digital signage service allows to remotely manage the content in audio support, dynamic videos or interactive scenarios through a single personal account.

You can easily access the digital signage player, through our dashboard, that lets you create, edit, and manage playlists of the content you wish to display for any number of screens. It support multiple user. You can create and modified the user account and limit the various type of permission like editing, uploading and deleting and so on. Through the dashboard, you can monitor the status of your screens. You can see what is currently displayed and check which of your screens are online or offline.