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LED Display

Louveris one of the most cost reliable &competitive suppliers of LED Display in Qatar. We provide high quality LED Display to our resellersand clients.Our panel LED displays are reliableand perform well in indoor and outdoor environments. Our LED display provide clear and detailed imaging as it is seamless.

Our LED Display Technology specializes in the enhancement of LCD panels using LED technology. In current scenario, due to its luminance effect and low energy consumption LED display are morecommercially preferred for advertising, events, venues, retail, and transportation. It can be implemented anywhere and in all type of business that are in the form of digital billboards at retail outlets, stock exchanges financial display, billboards in outdoor landscapes of an enterprise, or flight information display systems at airports.

Currently, for the interaction medium between the user and the system a large number of electronic devices uses LED display as a screen. Louver’s LED display gives flexibility to create nearly any size and shape as you desire. We have accomplished in providing high brightness capability, efficient low power, and long product lifetime as a main customer requirement.On a wide array of customized LED screen, you can update information remotely and delivered via real time feeds.