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Louver provides automated parking solution and help to manage your parking facility easily and efficiently. As the number of cars are increasingcar parking is becoming a difficult task. Traffic slows down and causes congestion as people spendsmore time in looking for the available parking space.

Our solutions include, parking guidance systems, parking management systemsand parking revenue collection systems thatsuit to all type of business either small or medium businesses, government, retail, education, hospitality or more. We also support on real time vehicle counting, parking guidance display video surveillance and along with DVR.

For the better and effective solution,we work closely to provide uninterruptable service to the customer through a comprehensive and cost-effective parking management system. We serve hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, grocery stores, country clubs, special events and more. Louver management team take pride in offering a comfortable parking solution and its related capabilities.
Louver has maintained a respected position in the parking solution industry because our support encourages the attention, innovation and personal commitment.