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RFID Access Control & Tracking Solution

As the technology grows very precipitately, security becomes the major concern for an individual ora firm. In context to security, Louver provides RFID Tracking system which is completely automated security access system that controls access to a number of points of access for domestic and industrial applications. RFID can be very helpful to a business or firm that needs to allow authorized access, track assets, accountability, identity people or location as well as safety purpose.

RFID access unit prevents the unauthorized access to individual premises, building, firm etc. ensuring the highest level of security for all people. Whereas RFID tracking solution helps firm with the benefits of automatic reading which improving accuracy and the costs of information collection at a distance without being able to see the RFID Tags or labels.

We are specialized in providing complete Radio Frequency Identification hardware RFID Reader module, Card and Tags. We provide RFID solution to our customer with the most robust, reliable and least expensive and user friendly and easy to integrate. On request of our customer we suggest the cost efficient, reliable and suitable access solutions and provide full support after sell. RFID system has wide area of applications. Like tracking and identification, payment/stored-value systems, access control and so on.